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Exploring Romania
Exploring Romania

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Biking in Romania

and few Romania biking adventures

Why biking in Romania? Cause those who try it said Romania is a country for bikers. Well, I can't say I know the specific needs for a biker. Cause I'm not a real one. I can call myself a walker on a bike but not a biker.

This is where the bikers who already try it come. Many people decided that biking in Romania is worth a try. And few of them want to share their bicycling experience.

Do you want to try it and need more information about the routes/roads?
Don't be shy and send me your questions.

Biking in Romania - 2007 adventure

Dave contacted me in spring 2007 to help him set aside his biking in Romania trip.
The results?

Reports of Dave's
biking in Romana trip

First report
from Bucharest to Curtea de Arges
Second report
from Curtea de Arges to Sibiu
Third report
about Sibiu
Fourth report
from Sibiu to Alba Iulia
Fifrth report
from Alba Iulia to Rosia Montana
Sixth report
about Rosia Montana
Seventh report
from Rosia Montana to Turda
Eighth report
from Turda to Targu Mures
Ninth report
recovering the missing part
between Alba Iulia and Cetea
Meet Dave
and few details about his trip
2007 biking route map

Sights in Dave's route
or nearby

Curtea de Arges
Transfagarasan Road
Poienari Fortress

Biking in Romania - 2008 adventure

Clive contacted me in the spring 2008 to help him set a route and give him some details to organize the biking in Romania trip. Read his report.

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