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Count Dracula

and all Romanian things connected to this name

Count Dracula is all about fiction. Tough affirmation, isn't it? Well, if we're talking about Dracula the vampire it's true. Things become unclear and mysterious when we mix this character with the Romanian historical one, Vlad Dracula.

Why? Simply because you can't find many material indubitable proofs about the life of Vlad III Dracula, neither about the connection between the Romanian Dracula and the fictional Count Dracula.

All we have about are indirect, many times contradictory and definitively subjective evidences.

They aren't about history chronicle facts but people's own point of view and interpretation of facts. And when it's about people imagination... the sky is the limit.

Dracula - Nosferatu
Vlad Dracula

The purpose of these rows is to show you how "Count Dracula" started and what he become due to some people imagination and other people interests. And for this, I invite you time to time to play a game with me: put your legs in the shoes of...

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Are you confused between Transylvania, Wallachia, Romania and Dracula name? What are the connections between Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the fictional character living a castle in Transylvania and Vlad Dracula, the Romanian ruler of Wallachia?

Vlad the Impaler or the real Dracula

The Internet literature tells you about the real Dracula, or Vlad Dracula's real life or the truth about... But they abound in misleading and misunderstandings on this subject. You'll find all subjects with short explanations directly on this page. For those subjects with longer explanations I created new pages:

  • Vlad Dracul - the name and its legacy
    The name of the father, Vlad Dracul, is very similar with the name of the son, Vlad Dracula. Let’s see what’s in the name? The meaning and the legacy. Where does the name stop and starts the nickname?

  • Vlad Dracula's religion
    Some people believe Vlad Dracula is the Antichrist. Some people think he was a great Christian knight. The truth is somewhere between these two extreme poles, but where? What was Dracula’s religion? Was he religious?

  • Dracula's castle
    Where is Dracula’s castle or what is the real one? How come you were mislead and by whom? This is another example of where rumours and the excessive marketing of the name Dracula can lead.

  • The Impaler's death
    Many people believe that Vlad Dracula is a resurrect vampire because of the lack of information regarding the Impaler’s death, too. Reeeally?!

  • The tomb of Dracula
    The tomb of Dracula is a mystery carrying lots of suppositions in its background but very little direct proof. So, what are the suppositions about the place he was buried?

  • Horror of Dracula
    Most people think that “Horror of Dracula” movie is nothing beside the horror from real life of Vlad the Impaler. I think they’re wrong because they miss a lot of historical proven data. How close are Dracula stories to the true facts?

  • Punishments with Vlad Tepes
    This is an article written by the historian PhD Constantin Rezachevici about the methods of punishment in the European Dark Ages and what were those used by Vlad Tepes.

History of Dracula

It shows you the chronological facts from the Vlad Dracula’s life with some details that nobody talks about. But because it’s a long story, I split it as follows:

  • History of Dracula on short
    Where you can have a quick read of history facts from Vlad the Impaler life.

  • Easter European history of 14th-15th centuries
    To better understand Vlad Dracula’s policy you have to find out first about Wallachian history as part of Eastern European history of the Dark Ages.

  • The young Dracula childhood and education
    Due to the lack of records, the young Vlad Dracula's life is almost unknown, even by historians. Still, there are a lot of known facts about his childhood and his upbringing that are not common knowledge

  • Young Dracula's efforts to obtain Wallachian throne
    Between the first and the second rule, the young Vlad lived 8 years in exile in the hope he’ll build some useful alliances for his future Wallachian throne.

  • The second rule of Vlad the Impaler (Part 1: 1456-1457)
    Allthough Vlad the Impaler ruled three times, his main reign, when he consistently applied his internal and external policies was the second one (1456-1462).

  • The second rule of Vlad the Impaler (Part 2: 1457-1459)
    First measures of Vlad the Impaler to strengthen Wallachian economy and their consequences.

  • The second rule of Vlad the Impaler (Part 3: 1460-1462)
    Considering the imminence of an Ottoman attack, Vlad the Impaler took measures to strengthen his political power.

  • The second rule of Vlad the Impaler (Part 4: 1462)
    In 1462 Vlad the Impaler had to face Mehmet the Conqueror in person. Did he win or did he lose? Let's follow the conflict's traces.

  • The end of Vlad III Dracula
    An outside force, the sultan and his great army, couldn’t beat Vlad III Dracula. But all these fights weakened his internal position. So…

  • Vlad Tepes Dracula's internal policy
    Vlad Tepes Dracula had a tough internal policy, yet, with amazingly good results because historians noticed the well beeing of Wallachia of his time.

  • Vlad III Dracula's external policy
    Maybe it looks strange, but the main goal of his external policy was the economical and political independence of his country as opposed to impaling his political adversaries of whatever nationality.

Poienari castle

Where is it and what are the stories about it?

Count Dracula or not, Vlad the Impaler was, with his qualities and shortcomings, a Wallachian ruler like any other European king/reign/ruler from Dark Edge. But instead to choose the warm and safety of his royal bedroom as many others did, he chose to fight for his country. I'm sure he made a lot of enemies this way.

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