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Romanian pastrami recipe

US pastrami recipe has its roots in Romania. Read about pastrami history and compare the recipes.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Romanian pastrami recipe"

The old flag of Romania

The old flag of Romania is a very special flag of Dacian people, the ancient people who lived on this land.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "The old flag of Romania"

Romanian flag

Does Romanian flag have a history? What symbolize this flag? What is the meaning of his colors?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Romanian flag"

Thoughts about Romanian language

Romanian language is an isle of Latinity in the Slavic ocean. But how comes?

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Romania geography

Romania geography: the relief, the waters, the flora and fauna, the climate and the population.

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History of Romania

Some people say that history of Romania is only 150 year old, since this name has internationally recognized. But Romanians living in this land have more than 2000 years of history on their record.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "History of Romania"

Facts about Romania

What are the facts about Romania? Anything from geography and history to currency exchange and weather.

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Vlad the Impaler war against Turks

In 1462 Vlad the Impaler had to face Mehmet the Conqueror in person. Did he win or did he lose? Let's follow the conflict's traces.

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Vlad the Impaler second rule [3]

Considering the imminence of an Ottoman attack, Vlad the Impaler took measures to strengthen his political power. The period between 1460 and 1462.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad the Impaler second rule [3]"

Vlad the Impaler main rule [2]

First measures of Vlad the Impaler to strengthen Wallachian economy and their consequences. The period between 1457 and 1459.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad the Impaler main rule [2]"

Vlad the Impaler second reign

Allthough Vlad the Impaler ruled three times, his main reign, when he consistently applied his internal and external policies was the second one (1456-1462).

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad the Impaler second reign"

Vlad Tepes punishments

Punishments with Vlad Tepes is an article written by the historian PhD Constantin Rezachevici about the methods of punishment in Dark Edge Europe and what (and why) were those really used by Vlad Tepes.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad Tepes punishments"

Vlad Tepes Dracula's internal policy

Vlad Tepes Dracula had a tough internal policy, yet, with amazingly good results. Historians noticed the well being Wallachia of his time.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad Tepes Dracula's internal policy"

Vlad III Dracula and his end

An outside force, the sultan and his great army, couldn't beat Vlad III Dracula. But all these fights weakened his internal position. So...

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad III Dracula and his end"

Vlad III Dracula's external policy

Strange, but the whole effort of Vlad III Dracula wasn't to kill/impale doesn't matter what nation people. His goal was to obtain the economical and political freedom for his own country, Wallachia.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad III Dracula's external policy"

Vlad Dracul name and legacy

The name of the father, Vlad Dracul, is very similar with the name of the son, Vlad Dracula. Let's see what's in the name? The meaning and the legacy. Where does the name stop and starts the nickname?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Vlad Dracul name and legacy"

The real Dracula facts or fiction?

The Internet literature tells you about the real Dracula, or Vlad Dracula's real life or the truth about... But they abound in misleading and misunderstandings on this subject. How comes?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "The real Dracula facts or fiction?"

Truth about "horror of Dracula"

Most people think that the Horror of Dracula movie is nothing beside the horror from the real life of Vlad the Impaler. I think they're wrong because they miss a lot of historically proven data.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Truth about "horror of Dracula""

History of Dracula in short

Here we are! A short history of Dracula for people in a hurry and also a very detailed history (with some details that nobody talk about) for those with more patience and curiosity.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "History of Dracula in short"

Romanian Dracula's castle

Where is Dracula's castle or what is the real one? How come you were mislead and by whom? This is another example of where rumours and the excessive marketing of the name Dracula can lead.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Romanian Dracula's castle"

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