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Exploring Romania
Exploring Romania

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Facts about Romania

answers to frequently asked questions about Romania

So, you're asking yourself what are the facts about Romania.

It doesn't matter if you're planning your first visit to Romania, or maybe you're doing some research for your paperwork, you're in the right place.

Do you want to know about Romanian people and their symbols, their environment and history, what kind of weather to expect, or what kind of currency you need?

Lots of questions and the answers aren't always short. So, please click on the links for more details. Not a link yet? Subscribe to the RSS Feed to find it, as soon as I'll upload that page.

General facts about Romania

  • I was amazed how many foreigners are interested about the history of Romania. I have to admit it's an interesting subject, almost unknown by foreigners. Even the country named Romania was born in 1859, the history of this land and its people is thousands years old.
  • Romanians believe about their country that is the land of God. And I believe them. At least from Romania geography point of view. We have everything from plains to mountains, from little rivers to great Danube, from little lakes to Black Sea. And the way they are arranged must be the God masterpiece.
  • Almost everybody heard about the garbage bears from Romania. However, the animals in Romania are much more than bears.
  • For many people is still a mystery how Romanian language was born and especially how it survived as an isle of Latinity in the Slavic Ocean.
  • How is the life in Romania?
  • Who are the Romanian people? What is their character, their behavior or their customs?


Facts about Romania symbols

  • Find out what are the Romanian flag colors and read a short history of it. And some words about the spectacular ancient flag of Romania that we, Romanians, love so much.
  • You can listen to Romanian national anthem here and read its English translation.

Facts about Romania administration

  • Do you have questions abot Romania government?
  • Who is the Romanian President or the Prime Minister of Romania?
  • What are Romanian holidays (those legally free as well as some traditional)?


Romania facts needed by tourists

  • What's the Romanian currency and all you need to know about
  • Take a look at the Romanian money to recognize them if you need cash
  • How's the weather in Romania?
  • What's the Romania time?
  • Information for those who need a Romanian visa passport
  • Calling Romania or calling from Romania? And how to do that?
  • Information bird flu in Romania and any other epidemic concerns.
  • Other little-tinny Romania facts as embassies, post offices, taxies, medical services, etc.


Did you find all the Romania facts you need? If you still have questions, please go to my Contact Me page and ask them.

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