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Formalities for Romania traveler

about visa, customs, currency and vaccination

Formalities for Romania traveler explain what you need to know about:

Romanian tourist visa

Who needs a visa?

This information are from Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Foreigners who travel to Romania have the prior obligation to apply for a visa at a diplomatic mission or consular office, except those citizens arriving from countries with which Romania concluded agreements on visa abolition or has renounced unilaterally at the visa requirement.

The diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania abroad grant the Romanian visa, on prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nonetheless, Romanian short stay visas may be issued without prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to aliens who do not need a visa to enter EU member states; if they apply for a visa in the country whose citizenship they hold.

To grant a visa to aliens coming from the states included in Annex 3 (States whose citizens need an invitation to apply for a visa), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests that a notification from the authority for foreigners should be issued within 30 days from the registration day at the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Long-stay visas will only be granted in agreement with the Authority for Foreigners. Visas may be issued for one or multiple entries.

Types of visa

The Romanian authorities grant the following types of visa:
  • airport transit visa;
  • transit visa, when applied to groups, (collective visa);
  • short-stay visa, according to the type of activity the applicant is to develop in Romania: mission, tourism (when applied to groups), visit, business, transport, sports and cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment or other activities that do not infringe Romanian law;
  • long-stay visa.
Visas are valid and entitle holders to stay in the territory of Romania for:
  • 5 days from the entry date, in the case of transit visas.
  • up to 90 days with no possibility of extension in the country, in the case of short-stay visas;
  • 90 days, with the possibility of extension in the country, in the case of long-stay visas;

Visa fees
  • official and short-term visa:
    • one entry - 25 US dollars
    • multiple entries - 60 US dollars
  • transit visa:
    • simple (and for simple airport transit) - 15 US dollars
    • double (and for double airport transit) - 25 US dollars
For expeditious issuance of visa (within 48 hours) additional charges: 6 US dollars.
Potential extra costs for consular services are to be refunded on a separate basis.

No visa fee is required for:
organized tourist groups, which provide evidence of prior payment of the services (voucher).


Romanian customs formalities

Romania applies the international regulations of the Convention for Customs facilities for Tourist Traffic. Highly valuable goods - jewellery and foreign currency (over the value of $ 1,000 per person) must be declared when entering the country. Endorsed customs declarations must be kept, as they are required when leaving the country.

It is forbidden to import, unless in possession of a special license, lei (the Romanian currency) ammunition, explosives, narcotics, pornographic material. It is forbidden to export articles of cultural, historic or artistic value, as well as lei in excess of 5,000 per person.

Car drivers must be in possession of relevant car documents including the Green Card and the personal driving license


Romanian currency and currency exchange

The national currency is the LEU (plural LEI). Dollar bills are the most rapidelly-negotiated currency in Romania and it is a good idea to take some with you, preferably smaller value bills.

Avoid the black exchange market, as this is an illegal operation and subject to punishment according to the law.

Foreign currency can only be exchanged at banks and authorised exchange offices. As rates can vary from one place to another it is wise to shop around. Keep the exchange receipts as they may be requested when you pay for things in lei.


Vaccination and illness prevention

Not required for humans. However I believe it's a good thing to act preventive and do some vaccinations for flue and hepatitis. You never know...

Anti rabies vaccination certificates are required for pets.


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