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Romanian ski resorts

Are they really cheapest from Europe?

The Romanian ski resorts are all over the mountain area.

There are ski resorts with easy access and more facilities (of course, more expansive) as well as ski resorts with a little bit more difficult access, less facilities, very cheap and with a unique local charm. What would you choose? Just keep reading this page.
Ski touring could be your best choise for skiing in Romania
Maybe you've found somewhere on the Internet that in Romania, skiing is the cheapest from all Europe. Well, I can't say it's a lie but neither the real truth. Many Romanians and travel agencies will be angry for what I'll tell you on this page. I don't pretend to possess the universal truth in my hands. It'll be only my honest opinion.

The Romanian slopes might have some drawbacks. They are rather short and neglected. They don't have fences and nets for people protection. That's why they are generally difficult slopes. Only a few of them are meant for the beginners. Snow guns or night-lights can be found on a minor part of them.
No discrimination between skiers and snowboarders. They can use the same slope. Unfortunatelly for the cross-country skiers, there aren't special trails for this kind of entertainment, but they can make their way using county or forestry roads. For skitouring lovers it's a real paradise. Just take the best information you can from the rescue guys and go your way.

So, if your interest is limited only to skiing on a good slope, make yourself a service and search another ski destination. I don't want you to lose your time. But if you enjoy skitouring or if a worse slope is just a challenge for you, then Romania could be a very interesting destination.

Cross-country skiing
Now! Is really skiing in Romania the cheapest in Europe? Maybe. It depends on what you are looking for. The cable transportation is cheap: about 0.5-0.7$ for one-way ticket. To rent a complete ski equipment is about 8-15$ a day. You'll pay about 10-15$ an hour for a ski monitor. You can also have a very good cheap meal.

Oops! You need to sleep, too. This could be from 10$ a night (some chalets and 2- star boarding houses) to 200$ a night (5- star hotel).

The most well known Romanian ski resorts are Poiana Brasov, Predeal and Sinaia. They are so beautiful. Crowded? So crowded than, many times, in order to reach a place for the cable transportation, you need to queue up for about 2-3 hours (or sometimes even more). Expensive? Of course they are. Good slopes? Mmmm... let's say they are good enough.

The best Romanian ski slope is Sorica in Azuga: about 3200 m long kept in good condition and not very crowded. Here, hosting is cheaper then in Predeal or Sinaia but still expensive besides the other resorts.

What do I recommend you?
  • young, noisy people use to gather to Balea Lake or Retezat and Parang ski resorts Straja, Ranca, Cheile Butii and Parang
  • other young people and families prefer Apuseni ski resorts like: Arieseni, Baisoara and Stana de Vale, less crowded ski resorts: Busteni, Azuga, Bunloc, Bran and Moeciu in Prahova Valley as well as Semenic, Muntele Mic and Paltinis
  • because ski resorts as Sovata, Harghita Bai and Baile Tusnad are also spa resorts you'll find lots of seniors there
  • Predeal, Sinaia and Poiana Brasov are full of Romanian VIP's and, of course, people who want to stare at them
  • the best of best (in my opinion) are Maramures and Bucovina ski resorts (Izvoare, Cavnic, Mogosa, Suior, Borsa, Valea Blaznei, Fantanel, Durau, Vatra Dornei), because of their Christmas and New Year traditions. Of course you can ski. But I can assure you that your holidays will be unforgettable if you see (or even participate to) a local custom
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