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Saint Nicholas Day

for Romanians is simply Niculas

For hundreds of years kids have waited the morning of 6th December. It's Saint Nicholas Day. In fact they are waiting for Saint Nicholas (called Niculas in Romanian) to fill their boots with presents. They know Saint Nicholas love them and is a very generous old men.

But they also know Saint Nicholas come with two baskets: one filled with candy and other goodies and in the other he brings twigs. Every child must put a shoe or a boot next to the door and weather they had been good or bad they would receive candies or twigs.

Of course they know they weren't perfect. So they carefully clean up the boots, give them a mirror-finish and go to sleep with the hope in their souls. In the morning of Saint Nicholas Day they rise and run eager to see if their boots have or haven't those candies.
Saint Nicholas
And because the adults are only bigger children they play the same game as children do. But for them the real game is how to fill the other boots and nobody see them. This game could often take you the whole night. But in the end, Saint Nicholas, the friend and protector of those in need, will always be there.

Saint Nicholas Day is so close to Christmas Day that, in many countries, the faces of those two old men overlap and become Santa Claus. But in in many countries of Europe they are still separated.

For Romanians Saint Nicholas Day is the messenger of all the joy and happiness Christmas holiday will bring.

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