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The tomb of Dracula

another unsolved mystery

Nobody knows where is the tomb of Dracula. Another mystery or irony of fate? And the logical consequence is that we have few suppositions in the place of the black hole.
The so called tomb of Dracula from Snagov
"But I was at Snagov and saw Dracula's tombstone inside the church!" you'll say. Oops! That's why we are talking about this. It's a misleading. Well, not quite as Bran Castle, AKA Dracula's castle, but still a misleading.

The custom of that time was burying a dead ruler/prince in the church built by him/his family. And in that time, when rising to the throne was almost equal with the murdering of the predecessor ruler, the funerals were quick and simple, usually done by the faithful men of the dead ruler. So, if he built more churches, he was buried in the most near church of his death place.

But where was the last battle of Vlad Dracula? We don't know for sure. Supposing it was North to Bucharest, in Balteni, the nearest church is Snagov Monastery, a monastery surrounded by waters (this makes very difficult the research). After all research done on the Snagov Island the beheaded body of Vlad Dracula didn't show up. Still, the "official" tomb of Vlad the Impaler is considered in Snagov Monastery.

There is another supposition about the place of the last battle: south of Bucharest, somewhere on the road between Bucharest and Giurgiu. And this drives us to Comana Monastery hosting the Dracula's tomb. Irony again! Another monastery surrounded by waters, at least in Vlad Dracula times and long time before. More. Over the old monastery reinforced by Vlad Dracula, was erected a bigger one in the seventeen century.

Doesn't matter if you go to see Snagov Monastery or Comana Monastery. If you ask about the tomb of Dracula you'll hear the same thing, because the monks from each monastery live with the belief that Vlad Dracula's tomb is located without doubt in their own monastery.

But the truth is that the tomb of Dracula can be in any of the two monasteries as well as in "nobody knows where" any other location.

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