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Travel in Romania

by train, by bus, by car, by bike

Now, already in Romania, how can you get to your destination point? Travel in Romania can be done

Travel in Romania by train

travel in Romania by train
As I told you, in "Romania arrival" section we have a wide railway network. Trains can drive you to almost every destination in Romania. Not every lost village in this country has a railway in its neighbourhood, of course. And also, if you take a hike, you'll not see trains up there. But you do not even need them... I think.

If you decide to use trains for moving around Romania I'd suggest buying a Rail Pass. You can do it anywhere in Europe, even online or in a Romanian rail station. They are all accepted in Romania.

Here is a link to trains timetable.


Travel in Romania by bus

travel in Romania by bus
That's an affordable and very fast possibility to travel in Romania. That's right, often a very crowded one. And less comfortable than train.

Try this site for bus timetable. Unfortunately, they are pretty new on the net and they only have departure and arrival point for each route till now. They also have some intermediary stops added to some routes. At least you CAN easy find a direct route between 2 destination points. If there is one.

You can make a search by bus station. Just write the place name in the box and then click one link that appears. You'll find out destinations for all the busses departing from and arrive to that place.


Travel in Romania by car

Driving is on the right. You'll need a driving license or international driving permit, car papers and green card.

Here you have some choices: travel by your own car, rent a car from within Romania, rent a car from another European country or hitchhiking. Anyway, I think it's a must to read below.

Warnings for driving around Romania travelers

  • about Romanian state of roads:travel in Romania by car
    • European roads and national roads with more intense traffic are good;
    • less used national roads and county roads are rather bad then good;
    • backcountry roads have no asphalt at all or if it had once, you'd have to do a serious search for it right now;
    • if you just transit cities and villages, the roads are OK (mostly);
    • if you'll stay in the city and drive around, general rules are: the larger the streets, the better the roads and the farther from centre, the worse; also, parking nearby or in downtown it's often a lost cause.

  • before you go on the road make a serious revision to your car. Also ask your service dealer what car service to use in Romania if an accident happens. There are very few specialized car services here.

  • if you're not used to drive on the dark, prepare yourself to drive only daytime. Romanian roads aren't lighted outside towns and villages.

  • in villages and around you'll meet many carriages and domestic animals on the road.

  • if you travel in winter be prepared for unclean roads.

  • if you intend to arrive in Romania around Ester or Christmas and you come from Western Europe think twice about the day you'll cross the border. Tens of thousands of Romanians who work in the UE and come home for holidays will be there. You'll wait for hours to cross the border.

  • a well known area for tourists (foreigners and Romanians, too) is Prahova Valley. It's good to know the main access road is E60. And it's a very crowded road between Bucharest and Brasov. Especially during holidays and weekends. The same warning for A2 from Bucharest to the seaside. From June to September it's a hell to be there in weekends.

That's all for now. Please come back to this page because I'll refresh it anytime I have new information.

For all those who want to rent a car I have to say it's a pretty expansive way to travel in Romania. And very few rent-a-car companies don't ask you to return the car at the departure point.

A good rent-a-car company is Eurocar. You'll find out a very well organized website with online booking, good prices and any kind of car at your disposal in 12 different Romania locations.

Hitchhiking is a very popular way of transportation in Romania. But unlike other countries hitchhiking in Romania needs usually to be paid. Some drivers, yet, do not accept money from students. It is useful to negotiate the price before getting into the car, to avoid unpleasant arguments at arrival. Generally it is safe and cheap.


Travel in Romania by bike

travel in Romania by bike
This is the best for budget travellers. Romania was made for bike riders. All kind. Simple bike, mountain bike, motorbike... The difference between bike and motorbike is only your athletic constitution. And of course you need more time.

I met people from all over Europe at a motorbike meeting in Apuseni Mountains. Only happy people. Why? Because the backcountry roads are so bad in Romania. And because they can go strait where they want. No plate with "Don't pass! Private property!" will stop them.

The bad news is we don't have rent centres for bikes. There are some loggings what offer bikes (no motorbikes) for rent but only for surrounding area and on condition that you stay there over night.

For those who want to spend more time in Romania it's a good deal to buy a bike after arrival and sell it before leaving Romania. You'll find a good bicycle for $120-200. You can quickly sell it for $35-80.


Travel in Romania by carriage

travel in Romania by carriage
Looks like a joke, doesn't it? Well, it isn't!!

This is especially for period travellers. What is a period traveller? I don't know who invented this kind of travel but certainly he/she thought of Romania. It's about those persons who want to travel back to ancient times. Travel and live as the people in those times used to.

It's a simple task in Romania. Rent a carriage, buy some traditional clothes (will be a beautiful souvenir) and go to trump around. More about in activities section.


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