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Exploring Romania
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Travel to Romania

by air, by train, by bus or car

Travel to Romania meaning is to give you all transportation information to make a good judgment and choose what's more convenient for you. Often a long way but plenty of possibilities.
travel to Romania by air, by train, by bus, by car

You'll have to decide between a

Travel to Romania by air

It's simple. There are direct flights from every major city of Europe. For the rest of the world there are few direct flights but if you take an international airline to Europe you'll certainly find a connection.

The biggest airport in Romania is International Airport "Henri Coanda", Bucharest. Bucharest has another airport - "Aurel Vlaicu"

There are many other airports with international schedule. They could be near your final destination in Romania. So, you can ask for a direct fly to Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Iasi, Oradea, Sibiu, Targu Mures or Timisoara.


Travel to Romania by train

If you like travelling by train, Romania has a wide railway network. It's also an integrated part of the European network. The point is you can start your travel from every Europe rail station and arrive pretty near to your final destination in Romania.

To avoid all headaches about buying tickets I'd suggest using one of those Rail Passes. You can choose one adapted to your journey, save time and money. And they are accepted in Romania.

Romanian national company for passenger railway transportation is CFR Calatori SA.
There you'll find Romanian railway network, special offers for international traffic to or from Romania. For those curious about costs there is a page with fares for international traffic. Unfortunately, only in Romanian. I'll translate it for you as soon as possible and put a link here.


Travel to Romania by bus

If you come from a neighbour country I think it's the best way to arrive in Romania. Quick and cheap. But less comfortable than train. You can take a bus form almost each big city of Europe. If your back is young and it has no complains to do... Your way to choose.

The best Romanian operator is Eurolines it has over 400 Europe destinations and reasonable prices for civilized travels. If you're a Europe traveller check Eurolines Pass.


Travel to Romania by car

Ohooo! That's a challenge. If I'd travel for fun I would love to enjoy the view. When you drive you just steal a view here and other one there. Where is the joy? On the other hand, driving your car gives you the freedom to change your schedule, as you want. And if you're not hurried it's even better: you can stop anytime you want for a look or some photos. Just your call.

Independent travellers crossing Romania border by car need to know:

  • They have to obtain a road toll badge, called RoVinieta. RoVigneta is available at any border-crossing point, postal office and most gas stations at a cost of $3.00 to $5.00 (valid for up to 7 days) or $6.00 to $8.00 (valid for up to 30 days), depending on the car type. To avoid any problems please buy the Rovigneta when entering the country. Proof of insurance and the car's documents/ registration are also required.
  • Driver licenses issued by U.S. / Canadian / EU authorities are valid for driving in Romania. When renting a car in Europe, please check with the car rental company about its policy regarding taking the car across national borders.
  • There is no any other tax or fee to be paid by visitors when entering/ leaving the country.
Now, if your destination is Romania and you intend to drive around the country you'd better read my warnings from "Travel in Romania by car" section on "Getting around" page.

If you're a patient person, if you think about your car as a very useful tool and you have an adventurous spirit... exploring Romania by car can be fun. Go ahead.


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