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Where is Moldavia?

and its answer...

"Where is Moldavia?" answer can clear away the fog in your minds. How many? Why the same name? You'll find the answer to this questions, too.

On this site, when I talk about Moldavia I'm talking about the area with different shades of blue, inside Romania's borders.

The map of Moldavia

Now a little bit of history... The entire blue side portion on the map was in a time Moldavia. After the Second World War it was split into two parts:

  • Moldavia - a Romanian province
  • Moldavia - part of Soviets Union, split again between Moldavia Soviet and Ukraine Soviet, as you can see on the map.

After Soviets Union collapse Moldavian Soviet became an independent state under Republic Moldavia name.

The northern darker side is a sub-province of Moldavia called Bucovina. Here you'll find most of the painted monasteries.

I understand this subject is a delicate one for many people but I'm not here to comment historical facts or political possibilities. I simply want my reader know where is Moldavia I'm talking about.

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